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Office 365 Cost Cutting On Autopilot
Learn how to use your organization's data to negotiate a better deal with Microsoft - all in a single afternoon with our Office 365 Savings Symposium Course.
What's In this Course?

How to purchase ONLY what you need

Learn how spot licensing duplications while finding areas where you can reduce licenses altogether.
Uncover the secrets to right-sizing your bill of materials with Microsoft.

How to gather the RIGHT data

Learn how to gather the right data to help negotiate a better deal for your organization's M365 usage. Then, use your own data to navigate Microsoft's complex product bundling systems and swerve through their tricky sales playbook.

How to negotiate with CONFIDENCE

Last but not least, learn how to pull together your new-found data and licensing insights to create an accurate  Office 365 agreement that truly reflects your organizations usage.

Learn The Techniques We Use To Reduce Our Client's Office 365 Spend By
20 - 40% in an Afternoon

With the Complete Savings Symposium Course we will show you our proprietary process we use to help put them in power when carving out a new deal with their software vendors. While specifically for Microsoft 365, the techniques learned in this course can also translate to any vendor. If you're interested in learning how to use your own data negotiate a better deal like a professional, how to decipher Microsoft's licensing complexities, and how to become immune to their pressures, you need to take this course.

A Few of our Satisfied Customers

Helped Restaurant Services Brand Slash O365 Spend By 21%
  • Replaced client's EMS E3 Licenses with M365 F3 for access to more services at a reduced dollar spend
  • ​Worked with the SQL Server team to reconfigure vCPU allocation to reduce the cost and count of their Server Enterprise core licenses
  • ​Re-harvested  unused and non-activated M365 licenses
Manufacturing Giant Saves 41% on Office 365
  • Provided them the visibility into their Office 365 environment needed to make strategic savings decisions
  • ​Identified and removed over 400 unused Office 365 licenses
  • Simplified complex contract language and provided support during negotiations to further safeguard the client's IT budget
  • ​​
The Fastest O365 Cost Cutting Course On the Market
Multi Millions of O365
Spend Removed From IT Budgets
Average Savings of 27% Removed from O365 Costs
Helps Clients From 500-person companies to Fortune 500 sized Companies
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